Let's Go On An Adventure

You might have missed it, the moment you grew up. The day You became your inner child. But one day you realized - there were adventures you couldn't go on anymore, a world you couldn't visit over the bridge, through the wardrobe, by fairy dust, time machine, twister or hogwarts express. 

Do you remember your last visit to ElseWhere?

Nikko Benson and his band of weirdos invite you back to that uncharted world once more. But this time, we're going as grown-ups. And we're going to see just how much ElseWhere has changed.


What Else?

A few things you might find in ElseWhere:

  • pirate ships
  • firebirds
  • ancient kung fu masters
  • magic, generally
  • gingerbread people
  • gladiators
  • wishing wells
  • obsessive-compulsive spiders
  • zombie baristas