MTF Writer's Group

Resuming this fall season at the Musical Theatre Factory, Ben and I will continue developing Nikola Tesla Drops The Beat with a killer group of writers, including Julianne Wick Davis, Jahn Sood, Chris Staskel, Lisa Burns, Brandon Anderson, Anna Jacobs, Michael R. Jackson, and Niko Tsakalakos. 

The group is headed by Artistic Director Shakina Nayfack, and meets three times each month. Later this winter there will be a presentation of all the works developed - exact date TBA.

If you aren't familiar with the Musical Theatre Factory, check it out! We're going to be up to some wild stuff in the next year.


So Hot Right Now

Ever feel like your friends are super talented and they should just be famous already? Yeah, me too. There isn't that much I can do about it, but I thought it would cool to dedicate a small portion of this site to sharing the love, as it were. 

So! I'll be posting videos/audios now and then from other writers who I think are for real what's up. And the most recent post will be up on the sidebar to the right, under "So Hot Right Now."

Please please PLEASE check out today's shout-out to Joel Waggoner, who wrote a crazy good song called "Nice Guy" that I just can't get over.

Website Is Live!

I can't tell you how happy I am to announce that this website is finally up. Like a show, it's never fully finished. But here it is, live on the internet!

But then, you're here reading this, so you knew that. So, where to go from here:

  • Don't know who I am? Check the about and songs pages for an idea of me and my work.
  • Already familiar? You might be interested in the latest on Nikola Tesla Drops The Beat.
  • Looking for sheet music? Wander over to the store.

The site's still pretty fresh, so if you've got any thoughts to share on the website itself, find me on the contact page, ooh fancy fancy.

And if you like what I've done here, and are thinking about building one of your own, please contact me about that as well! It's actually fun when you get down to it.